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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why Billions In New Writedowns Are Coming


The True State Of The CMBS Market, And Why Billions In New Writedowns Are Coming

In response for requests for information on where the capital markets objectively evaluate commercial mortgage backed securities, and also to demonstrate the recent knee jerk reaction of how CMBX spreads ripped wider once it became clear older vintage, sub-AAA would not be eligible for TALF 1.0 participation, I am presenting the recent trading levels of CMBX 1 through CMBX 5, segregated by tranching (rule of thumb: the higher the chart line, the lower the underlying value, the more MTM pain for sellers of the CMBX tranche i.e. banks). The mid-to-late February explosion was a result of the market realizing these securities would not be eligible for taxpayer support in the TALF 1.0 version, and thus indicative of the true, and very sad, state of the commercial mortgage backed real estate market (some good intro material on CMBX here).

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