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Monday, April 20, 2009

Buy, Sell or Hold: iShares Gold ETF Will Sizzle When U.S. Stimulus Spurs Inflation

Apr 20th, 2009 | By Horacio Marquez | Category: ETFsFeatured

For millennia, gold has been a barometer of financial health and the ultimate store of value. It’s long been considered the ultimate safe haven investment when all else fails, or when economic conditions seem too good to be true.

So now that gold has made a second major run – shooting from $600 an ounce to $900 an ounce after punching through the $1,000 plateau last year – is the “yellow metal” still a prudent profit play, or is it an investment that’s already played out?

To answer that question, we must first ask another: Is the global monetary mirage going to keep inflating, or are we already on a sound monetary footing?

Let’s find out. Go here.

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