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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gold Off, But Silver Steady

Apr 28th, 2009 | By Doug Casey | Category: Gold Market

Gold declined from Hong Kong through the first hour of New York trading on Monday, shedding about $15, rallied back until the noon hour, but then fell right through the Globex to finish at $906.20/oz., down $6.80. Overnight, gold has fallen off.

Platinum really hit the skids, plummeting straight through with little interruption, ending at $1140, down $35. Overnight, platinum is sharply lower.

Silver fared much better than its sister metals and, even though it too peaked in early far East trading, it managed to hold above $13 all the way through the Comex, before easing on the Globex to close at $12.90/oz., up a penny. Overnight, silver has fallen steeply. (Click here for charts)

Precious metals fanciers couldn’t have been too disappointed with yesterday’s action, given that silver held steady and gold fell only modestly in the face of both a rising dollar and slumping oil.

Most of the market talk yesterday centered on China’s surprise announcement late last week that it has been quietly building its gold reserves for years. And though officially it has bolstered stockpiles by 34 million ounces, many observers believe that the actual figure could be much higher than that.

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