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Friday, May 22, 2009

/ES Bouncing on the VWAP

ES bouncing from VWAP all day long (posted May 22, 2009)


Here is the 5min chart for ES for today (May 22 2009). The pink line in this graph is the cumulative VWAP study on ToS charts.. See how ES has bounced off of that VWAP all day long - we think that the action is random, but it isn't. In the morning, it touched vwap-2 and bounced back sharply from it. Combine this with TICK (I will do a more detailed post later) and you have a gold mine. For now, all I will say is that you need a very strong positive/negative TICK to push the price across VWAP onto the other side.

XLF going to $6 or below (posted February 17, 2009)

Here is an XLF chart that I posted a few days ago. That scenario seems to be coming out really well. XLF is going to die a slow painful death...

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