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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I dedicate this post to Ashok

A Smokin’ Easy Way to Retire Rich

I bet you never thought quitting smoking could be so profitable. Quit now, invest your savings and retire much richer in thirty years. Here’s the proof.

Cigarette smoking is a dangerous and expensive habit. We all know the health concerns surrounding the act of purposely inhaling dozens of dangerous, addictive chemicals. But do any of us ever take the time to study the opportunity costs of smoking?

The figures are interesting, especially with today’s news that Altria (NYSE:MO), the owner of the world-famous Marlboro name, set a healthy 7.6% annual dividend today.

The news made me ponder the following question: What if a smoker was to give up the nasty habit and invest the daily savings in shares of Altria?

I bet the figures would be more than enough to kick the habit?

You decide for yourself.

At today’s prices, $5.60 for a pack of smokes and $16.62 per share of Altria, a pack-a-day habit would equate to 123 shares of the company (365 days multiplied by $5.60 per pack).

The investment would total $2,044.  Thanks to today’s dividend announcement, the free cash, if reinvested, would lead to an extra nine shares. You could kick the habit and easily grab more than 130 shares of one of the nation’s top brands.

Over the course of several years, you could really start collecting a large position. Add in the value of compounding interest and today’s smoking habit could turn into a healthy retirement fund.

With rough estimates (there are a lot of variables, including appreciation estimates), in thirty years this tactic could easily lead to well over $250,000 in accumulated wealth.

Best of all, you will leave to see it.

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