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Thursday, May 21, 2009

WAKE UP AMERICA or become debt slaves to the BANKS!!

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Speak Out - Audit the Fed, Then End It!

Now that the love affair with Obama is starting to wear off, it is time to Speak Out!

Voters in California have just spoken out against Propositions 1A-1E (see California Voters Immediately Rewarded For Voting Down Propositions 1A Thru 1E) and now it's your turn.

It's time to take action on many issues, and the way to do that is to let Congress know how you feel.

The first order of business is Ron Paul's Campaign Audit the Fed, Then End It!

Audit the Fed, Then End It!

I have been very pleased with the progress of my legislation, HR 1207, which calls for a complete audit of the Federal Reserve and removes many significant barriers towards transparency of our monetary system. This bill now has nearly 170 cosponsors, with support from both Republicans and Democrats. Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced a companion bill in the Senate S 604, which will hopefully begin to gain momentum as well. I am very encouraged to see so many of my colleagues in Congress stand with me for greater transparency in government.

Some have begun to push back against this bill, and I am very happy to address their concerns.

The main argument seems to be that Congressional oversight over the Fed is government interference in the free market. This argument shows a misunderstanding of what a free market really is. Fundamentally, you cannot defend the Federal Reserve and the free market at the same time. The Fed negates the very foundation of a free market by artificially manipulating the price and supply of money – the lifeblood of the economy. In a free market, interest rates, like the price of any other consumer good, are decentralized and set by the market. The only legitimate, Constitutional role of government in monetary policy is to protect the integrity of the monetary unit and defend against counterfeiters.
Please fax your representatives and express support for HR 1207 and Senate S 604. Make sure your representatives know this is not just an audit issue, but a free market issue and the entire Fed must go.

Unfortunately some members of Congress are seeking to expand the Fed's powers! We must do everything we can to prevent that. The Fed does not need more power, they micro-mismanaged the economy to the sorry state that it is in.

Please point that out when Faxing Congress. I am not going to draft a letter, it is best if you express these issues in your own words.

Lynn Seely at Metrofax created the following up to date Metrofax compatible Fax lists for all Congress. The last number in each row is the Fax number. You can also get Phone, Fax, and Email numbers from theOnline Directory for the 111th Congress.

Fax your representatives today!

go here to get the FAX numbers.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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