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Saturday, August 15, 2009


I found this chart, granted with permission, by Master Shake, to be of great interest as I'm sure it will be to all of you. There is, I guess, the possiblility of a "second" negative MACD histogram hump whose amplitude could dwarf smaller by at least 50% the former - or - we just continue to climb out of the ditch without mercy to the bears. I think this will make for interesting discussion in the comments section. Thank you Master Shake for bringing this to our attention.

The following charts of Bonds and Gold Mining companies are of interest to me at this juncture since the violation of their trendlines and/or moving averages will determine the overall equity market direction next week.

Also note that insider have been selling and that is important not to take for granted:
"In late April (Insiders Are Selling Into the Rally), insiders were selling at a rate of 8.3 times the amount that insiders were buying. When we revisited the issue about two months later in June (More Evidence of Skepticism from Insiders), insiders had become even more bearish as they were selling at a rate of 9 times for each insider buy.

Now, we are nearly two months later and the ratio of sellers to buyers continues to expand. In the last week, corporate insiders sold 13.6 times more than insiders bought according to information compiled by Finviz."

source: http://seekingalpha.com/article/156048-insiders-continue-to-sell-sell-sell

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