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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Finding Your Rhythm in the Market Dance

Do you ever just feel out of step with the beat of the market? Stocks that have been on your radar for weeks somehow took off without you, leaving you kicking yourself as you watch them race higher, not wanting to chase the momentum? Or maybe sometimes it seems as if you just can't get positioned on the right side of the market no matter how carefully you've analyzed the charts and prepared for the day? Or how about when your carefully placed stops all get hit in unison just moments before the market stages a strong reversal?

Every trader experiences a disconnect with the market at one time or another, and the experiences described above are all too familiar to most. Some are still learning the ropes and struggling to get up to speed in a fast paced market, while others are just encountering a bad streak. There will simply be times when things don't seem to come together as they should, whether due to stress, environment, inexperience, or flawed analysis. Setbacks and learning hurdles along the way are inevitable-- but it is how the setbacks are handled that will determine how quickly they are overcome. First and foremost, it is imperative to reduce exposure when things aren't working well. Stay positive, step back, seek help if necessary, and don't give up. With hard work and the right attitude, you'll have your confidence and your rhythm back in no time.

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