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Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness Bluechip Bracket Pool

Join the Bluechip Bulldog NCAA Men's Tournament Bracket Pool! Everyone in the stock blogosphere is welcome to enter-- this is free and strictly for fun. Just click on the link to the right, sign up, and pick your teams online. If you're not registered with CBS Sports you'll be prompted to do that before it will take you to the Bluechip Bracket page. If your name does not display as you want it to, look up at the top and click on "options" and then "personal" and you can change it to your Disqus screen name if necessary. Use your Disqus name so we know who you are, and be aware that entries are closed and locked at noon on Thursday. The winner and rankings will be posted on the blog after the championship game. Pass the word and good luck!

-- Brinkley
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