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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Highs All Around

All of the major indexes forged ahead into new 2010 highs on Tuesday, with the $COMPX clearing important long-term resistance and the broad-based market rally continuing to spark increasing numbers of breakouts in stocks. Persistent dollar strength has discouraged participation in commodities-related stocks, a dynamic that could weigh on the market near-term and will need to be closely monitored going forward.

In other news, I have gone ahead and set up a Sweet 16 bracket pool for anyone interested. Brackets must be submitted no later than Thursday, March 25 at 6:00 p.m. The original pool is still going strong with a wonderful update by Rosabarba on the prior post that sums up the current standings. The new Sweet 16 pool is run by a different outfit and is set up a little differently (CBS Sports doesn't offer an online Sweet 16 option). Instructions for sign-up follow:

  1. Go to Bluechip Sweet 16 Bracket Pool
  2. Enter the pool ID: 9347 and pool password: bluechip
  3. Fill out the form information, with attention to the following: what you enter as your first and last name will be visible to others in the pool, so for privacy reasons and so that other participants can recognize you, please enter a version of your Disqus screen name in those fields. Your "username" should also reflect your Disqus screen name, as should your "Team Name." Your "team" is simply you, and will be listed in the standings. These fields can be edited after sign-up if necessary.
  4. Make your bracket picks, with the ability to change them up until the pool deadline.
That's it (I hope!). Good luck and may the best team win!

-- Brinkley
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