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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Very Blue Bulldog

There have been many voices that have been cherished companions for the Bulldog, although none have been as great as Brinkley's. Her participation and insights will be missed by many in her absence.  I owe a sincere debt of gratitude for the gracious guidance she has offered this community as its host.  As Brinkley comes to a transition in her own endeavors, as I myself have had to do in the past, I'm sure we wish her every success that she deserves. And for those of you who crave her brand of inspiration, she is available as "The Market Muse". Nevertheless, so long as the community persists in an engaging and fruitful dialog about the markets, the Bulldog will never truly be orphaned. In this spirit, I will resume regular postings and will look forward to your continued contributions and commentary. 

Bulldog's got his own leash in his mouth and wagging his tail at the door, so I'm picking up the slack and he's rearing to go - headed back to the markets...

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